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Dear visitor while you’re in Moshi or Arusha please the olipopongi is also the nice place to visit we trying to introduce to you every amazing place to visit in a cheap cost while you’re in Moshi or Arusha and we trying to make you to say wow! This is amazing experience, for all cultural vendors olipopongi is their best place not only cultural experience but also you can enjoy the big wild life such as (Twiga)/giraffe , zebra, (Tembo)/Elephant, Dik-Dik and many others as much as we got luck day

"Olpopongi" provides a unique Maasai Wildlife experience in the West-Kilimanjaro Maasai land; Just 74 km from Moshi and 85 km from Arusha. The main aim is you to share the authentic Maasai life culture in a 100% traditional built village (Boma) with a unique museum, rather than taking tourists to private Maasai-Villages and destroy the Maasai native homes, behaviors and environment. Our Eco-Tourism Tours do provide the maximum respect to the Maasai tribe and a maximum education excitement to our valuable clients.
The Maasai traditional, semi-nomadic pastoralists in East Africa. In the 1550’sthey moved down along the Nile from Sudan and Egypt and brought with them knowledge on agriculture and cattle breeding. This migrational wave experienced a peak during the 18th century. During these times, the Maasai were feared as “wild barbarians” and their territories were avoided by the Arabs, the mountain people, missionaries and by European commercial travelers or if they had to pass a road tax in the form of useful trading goods was paid to the Maasai. At the end of the 19th century drought, cattle plague epidemics, cholera epidemics and smallpox epidemics broke out among the Maasai strongly weakening them. During the 60s,where an average of 26 heads of cattle and goats per Maasai were counted, just 5 animals per head are left today. During the visit you will also learn more about Maasai hunting techniques natural Maasai medicine.

Dear visitor "Olpopongi" visit does also support local Maasai families with water, food, employment, personal income, medical treatments and education. This can be visited by the mountain bike, from Moshi to Olipopongi maassai for three days and two nights , the time to reach there by mountain bike of our lovely visitors , go and return to Moshi town ,please do not worry about the distance we can arrange half way biking and another half driving if you recommend that we will always here for you guys , Dear visitor the choice is yours , if you decide only biking to this place we will give you a fitness mountain bike guide to take you there to enjoy and explore more about Massai culture , wildlife and Moshi Tanzania ,



Entry fee
All other gorvernment fees
Picnic lunch box
purified Drinking water
Professional guide
Guide salaries
Transport to and from the destinaton
Please call us for special Meal.


Pre/post accommodation and airport transfers (booking is available upon request).
Tips for your guide and driver. Kilibush Adventures recommendation is $20 to your guide divided per group in the vehicle.
Personal Expenses (e.g. laundry, telephone, beverages, cameras, visa, and travel insurance.).
Meals not listed in the itinerary.
Liquors, beers and bottled beverages.

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Please Kilibush Adventures design the numerous day trips and point to note is , the price may vary due to the distance and the value of the place, for example day trip to Kilimanjaro can be the most expensive one among the day trips plan. Be happy please because we are committed with our services that we providing and caring about our clients for delivering the best services please your welcome to have a fun together

Please remember that if your fun with mountain biking , good news is that we design this one day tour with three options
Options number 1; for those who are not experience with mountain biking we will use only min bus or Tax
Option number 2; for those who love mountain biking tour and travel but has no enough experience or exercises before there tour , here we will hire both min-bus or Tax and mountain bike

Option number 3; for those have enough experience with mountain biking and ready to challenges their bodies , according to our day trip tour here the minimum distance is 10km this include Moshi town and Njoro forest are very closed to each other so we will make two in one inclusive and the maximum distance is Olipopongi maasai cultural site and game reserve about 150km go and return to Moshi town the choice is yours , tell us and we will handle your trip

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